Seven Reasons Summer Tutoring Jobs are an Awesome Fit for College Students

computer outsideNow that your son or daughter may be home from college, you may wonder what your child is going to do all summer, besides enjoy their “down time.” Summer tutoring jobs can be the ideal way to stay productive and earn extra cash to pay for next year’s pizza and books whether your child is staying on campus or moving back home.

Here’s seven reasons to consider a summer tutoring job with

1. Flexibility. This is the top reason that our tutors say they love to work with us. We understand that college students have busy schedules, and frankly that things come up last minute that they don’t want to miss. allows you to set your availability every week, so that you aren’t tied down to a certain shift. We ask that tutors be available a minimum of five hours a week and then they can add in as many additional hours as they want.

2. No travel time. Ever had to commute to a job? It can be so frustrating to spend time getting to and from your job – time you’re obviously not getting paid for. Summer tutoring jobs through mean that you can log in from wherever you are – be it your apartment, dorm, home or friend’s lake house – anywhere there’s a reliable WiFi connection.

3. Wear what you want. Is that music to a college student’s ears or what? Many of us remember jobs with a hateful uniform, and that can really cramp your “style.” With, you can rock your yoga pants and hoodie!

4. Keep your skills sharp. By offering to tutor at a higher level of math, science, humanities or wherever your interest lies, you can spend the summer reviewing concepts that tend to crop up over and over in classwork. Even tutoring for lower grades can keep your brain agile as you review different curriculum and subjects with students.

5. Boost your resume. Lots of our college-age tutors include on their resumes. It shows you are a subject expert and know how to work well with others. It’s also helpful when you’re trying to land teaching assistant roles on campus.

6. No paperwork. Working for yourself as a local tutor brings with it a host of additional responsibilities from advertising your services, to contacting potential clients to billing to collecting payments. eliminates all that hassle so the time you spend working is time you’re being paid.

7. Never routine. Let’s face it, many of the jobs that college-aged student can find tend toward the boring and repetitive. Summer tutoring jobs with offer diversity and challenge every time you log in – from whom you might be tutoring to what they’re studying to where their challenges lie.

While these seven reasons are probably enough, there’s another almost “hidden” benefit that we hear from our tutors: it really is rewarding to help a student break through and master a tough concept.

Whether your teen is interesting in finding out if the field of education is for them – or just wants to earn some cash while enjoying the flexibility and college-friendly nature of summer tutoring jobs – have them check out the possibility of online tutoring jobs at We’ll be waiting!

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