Five Mother’s Day Gifts We Still Love

When the kids were little, Mother’s Day was sure to bring you fabulous items made with love by precious little hands. And now, well, sometimes we’re lucky to get a smile and a hug from our tween or teen. They’re busy. Sometimes they’re sullen. And while we know they still love us, there are times you have to really conjure up some creative thinking to catch that emotion behind their words, actions and general demeanor.

In honor of all the amazing mothers out there, here’s a round-up of some of the gifts we used to get  and still cherish.

1.  Breakfast in bed  was always one of my favorites even if the toast was burnt and my waffle was drowning in syrup.  Now that my daughter is a teenager, she is totally capable of creating a picture-perfect breakfast (hint, hint).

courtesy of

courtesy of










2. Handmade picture frames – every mom has one (or five!) of these in their collection.  This is a picture of a friend’s son who is now twice as tall.  Love, love, love these .   But now, I love seeing my daughter’s digital shots on Facebook and the  pics she texts me when I’m travelling for work.  It helps us feel connected.

MD Photo 1 photo frame











3. Hand Painted Flower Pot –   The flowers always died, but the pots stayed outside all spring and summer!  Now, if we can find time between soccer practice and homework, we can hangout in the yard and catch up even if we aren’t planting flowers.

hand painted flower pot








4. Mom Coupon Book –   Did any of you ever collect on these coupons?  I have to go find mine and redeem them.  Coffee and a quiet hour still sounds amazing.

mom coupon book











5. Hand Print art – Why are little hands and feet so precious?  Now I can share shoes with my daughter so I’m glad we captured those tiny feet!

baby footprint

The truth is that the older our kids get, the more we cherish every second we have with them. We know the time is fleeting. So this Mother’s Day, I hope you are the proud recipient of a lovely day with your family – whatever that looks like to you, and – hopefully – a thank you! You deserve it, mom!

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