Mentor of the Month: Jeremy B.

jeremy bOur tutors and mentors often have demanding careers and busy personal lives. However, they always take great pride in helping students who turn to for assistance. Our mentor of the month Jeremy B. has been a tutor with for 10 years aside from being a mentor.  Other than his job at, Jeremy has been a science teacher for 15 years and is the technology coordinator for his school.  Read more about our dedicated mentor Jeremy in his Q&A below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My wife, two kids, and I live in Louisiana.  I graduated from Northwestern State University with a degree in secondary science education and have been teaching for 15 years now.  In that time, I’ve taught just about every science from 7th to 11th grade (currently doing just biology now).  I’m also the technology coordinator for my school, so that keeps me just as busy as actual class work does.

What’s your favorite part of tutoring?

It has always brought me great pleasure to know that I’ve helped several thousand students in some way, either directly through the classroom or indirectly through other tutors.  I’m anxiously waiting the day that I’ll see hit the 20 million session mark!

What’s your best study tip?

I always try to tell my students in class that it’s important for them to develop their organizational skills.  Some of them have difficulty in managing their papers and study time, so they end up missing out on work or forget to study for a quiz.  Plan ahead, get your schedule in place, and stick to it so that you have time to not only get the work done, but to have some time to relax.


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