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Hablas español? I can do pretty well conversationally, but I have found that I don’t remember enough about complicated verb tenses or reflexive and relative pronouns to make me a very helpful compadre for Spanish homework. That’s why I was muy feliz that is now offering online tutoring help in Spanish, and I suspect many other parents will be too!

We are always listening to what our students have to say. So when our students started asking for Spanish tutors in-between AP Chemistry and Calculus tutoring sessions, we heard them alto y claro. It makes sense – Spanish is the most commonly taught foreign language, with almost 70% of high school students choosing to study it.

Our experienced Spanish tutors — many of whom are native speakers — can help students at every level of high school Spanish. Beginners to AP Spanish students can expect help ranging from basic grammar, such as agreement of adjectives and irregular verb forms, all the way up to those advanced verb tenses, including why the verb comes before the subject sometimes. Tutors also can assist with Spanish essays and help students understand reading passages and the basics of pronunciation.

As with our other subjects, you’ll get personalized, one-on-one 24/7 help from our amazing tutors. The sessions are saved and available to be emailed or printed for future reference.

We think you’ll love our newest offering here at, which will make Spanish homework a day en la playa.

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