Don’t Freeze Your Learning!

snow daysAll over the country, we’ve been socked with snow that has snarled traffic and closed schools. While the first day or so brings out the kid in all of us (Sledding and hot chocolate? Yes, please!), it can become too much for parents – and even kids, who realize that they will have to make up the classwork, and it is just that much harder when it’s all piled up like the snow outside.

Schools in some states are figuring out that many students can continue their instruction via e-learning. Teachers post readings, videos and worksheets — designed to be completed independently — online for students. But if your school is not one of those, you can still keep up with your schoolwork.

Sure, we’ll let you catch up on some Flappy Birds and Olympics viewing before you get down to work, but why not set aside a couple of hours to focus on school if you are trapped at home.  Here are some ideas for getting a jump start on the school work that, unlike the snow, won’t melt away.

  • Check out your teachers’ blogs. Perhaps your teachers are updating their blogs with ideas of work you can do at home for extra credit or to stay on course.
  • Read the syllabus for your classes to see what’s coming up. Some teachers plan out the semester in advance so you can see that there’s a big essay due in March. There’s no reason you can’t start on it now!
  • Start on research for upcoming papers. Even if you’re not sure exactly what format the AP World History paper needs to take, so you don’t want to start writing it yet, there are still steps you can take. For example, if you have an idea of the topic, you can do your research so you’ve identified relevant websites and are ready to write when you know more about the parameters.
  • Check out your grades online and see if there’s anything that you could redo for a better grade. Sometimes an assignment can be re-graded if you add more detail. While it’s hard to tack that on to current assignments, this lull is a great time to tackle those “do overs” and have them ready to turn in when you go back.
  • Review current work and make study guides for upcoming tests. So you’re only midway through AP Biology and the final isn’t for months. Well, vocabulary words are vocabulary words! Why not create your own quiz or note cards that you can pull out when the time comes? Putting away a study aide to use later means one less thing you have to do then.
  • Organize your folders/files/notes/backpack. This is another task that gets pushed aside when schoolwork, sports and other obligations are competing for your time. With the unplanned day off, it’s the perfect opportunity to go through your current class materials and figure out what can be recycled, reviewed or saved. Take papers that you want to save for a future review and put them in a separate folder so they are not mixed in with your current papers.

Remember that tutors don’t take snow days! If you’ve been struggling with an assignment and your teacher’s time is now even shorter for one-on-one help, give us a shout! We’d love to walk you through some of the challenging concepts and get you headed in the right direction for when class DOES resume.

Any other ideas for getting a jump on schoolwork? Share them below!


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