Thanks to, Aspiring Football Star Is Improving Math Grades

Elijah M. is a sophomore at Steilacoom High School and an  aspiring football star living in Washington state, where his  father is stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord. An Army brat, Elijah  has already attended 6 or 7 different schools. He would  love to take his  football career all the  way to the  NFL, but  first  he  just  wants to get through high  school and get accepted to a good four  year  college or university. To do that, he  needs to ensure his  grades are as high  as possible. Elijah’s favorite subject is English, and he enjoys writing, but he struggles in math. Once he discovered for U.S. Military Families, Elijah immediately started taking advantage of the program to help him improve his grades. He’s found the  program so  easy to use and helpful that he  plans to use it until graduation.

Elijah How did you hear  about

Elijah:  There was a table set up  at my school and I decided to check it out. There was a lady from named Pam there, and when  she told  me  the service was free  for military families I got  really excited. I signed up  right away! How do you use

Elijah:  I usually get on at night after football practice. I currently use if for math. I’m really bad at math and has really helped me. I do okay  in my other subjects and I get enough help from  just  my teachers, but  my math grade was really bad. Unfortunately, I didn’t find  out  about soon enough to really get my grade up  this year, but it has really helped me  learn. I’m on the  right track and I plan to keep using it to get my through to graduation. What’s your favorite thing  about

Elijah:  It’s SO easy to use!  It was no problem to set up  an  account, and now I just  hop  on and get help. It’s awesome! If you didn’t have access to, what would you do?

Elijah:  I guess I would  have  to use this other online service that is available. But  it’s not  nearly as good as I was using the  other service until  I tried and then I stopped. Now I only use It’s way better. What would  you say  about to other  students in military families?

Elijah:  If you are  struggling in school like I was, start using as fast as you can!  It’s really helpful and easy and can  totally help you get your  grade up!


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