Keep Learning Going this Three-Day Weekend

family activitiesIt seems like the kids have just gotten back into the groove of things from the long holiday break, and here we are with another day off to celebrate MLK day. If you’re afraid your kids will spend the three day weekend playing video games or vegging out in front of the TV, we’ve got the solution!  Here’s 10 fun family activities to do to keep learning going this weekend.

  1. Visit a local museum. So many times we forget to be tourists in our own towns. Why not take advantage of the day off to find a museum that will get the brain going? It could be a science museum, where the learning is obvious, but it also could be any type of museum from trains to rocks. Learning about anything new can stretch the brain.
  2. Read a book. Just for fun. This is something that comes up over and over – with all the school reading required, sometimes kids forget that reading should be fun. Encourage them to read anything that seems appealing, whether it’s a biography of a sports figure or the Guinness Bok of World Records.
  3. Play a board game. Besides just being fun, games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, Risk and more emphasize spelling, planning and team work.
  4. Play charades or a trivia game. Bored with your stash of board games? Dream up your own game! Charades gets the whole family moving and using their logic skills; where a trivia game lets everyone be an expert at something.
  5. Go geocaching. This activity combines hiking with math…you have to find the “cache” using a GPS and coordinates. No matter where you live, I can guarantee there is a cache near you; just check out and input your zip code. Make sure to bring something fun to leave in the box, whether it’s pencils, stickers or some coins.
  6. Start planning your summer vacation. This activity involves math budgeting, map reading, research and more. If you have a destination in mind, assign each family member an aspect of the trip – from choosing activities and their costs; to comparing flight times and schedules or driving routes. Or, have each family member dream up their own destination and create a persuasive plan for why you should go there.
  7. Hold an indoor Olympics. Have each family member choose a sport and research its history in the Olympics as well as some famous participants. Then, make up an indoor equivalent, whether you are indoor skating in slippery socks, bobsledding down the stairs or playing floor hockey.
  8. Learn the “I Have a Dream” speech. Have each family member write it out on index cards and take turns performing it in different styles. You might do it operatically, as a dramatic reading, as a country song or a rap.
  9. Cook a meal together. Assign each person a dish. Have them convert the recipe to the correct number of guests and do the math on how much of each ingredient they will need. Estimate the cost of the groceries and then compare to the total.
  10. Plan ahead and get part of a long project started. I know, this might not seem “fun,” but the payoff will be when school rolls around again and you’ve already gotten a jump on upcoming assignments.

Instead of being a waste, this upcoming three-day weekend can help stimulate learning – and together time!

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