College Bound: November Tips for Seniors

In my house, November is one of the busiest times of the year. I know it’s even crazier for families with high school seniors applying to college! Having to juggle both school assignments and college applications can be tough. But we’re here to help. Follow the below tips to alleviate the stress and find success.

tips for seniors

Discuss the SATs

Was your child’s SAT score where they wanted it to be? Is it where it needs to be? This is an important conversation to have and have quickly. If they only took the test once or have continued to prep after the last test they took, it may be a good decision to try again. SAT scores can end up be a determining factor for some colleges.

Create a Calendar

If your child is still deciding between 20 schools or if they have their top four nailed down, it is a best practice to create a college calendar. You can do all the prep work in the world, but if you miss the deadline it won’t matter. Sit down and mark the deadlines on the calendar for Early Decision and the standard application for each option.

Determine a Schedule

With deadlines on the horizon and holidays headed your way it’s smart to make a timeline in advance. Back track from the deadline to see when everything should be ready for a final review, when your child needs to get their paperwork into the school counselor and when you’d like to have a rough draft of the application essay. Setting a schedule will allow your child to hit every mark on time and will help avoid unexpected bumps in the road.

Narrow it Down

Now that your child has their deadlines in sight and a schedule to follow have them spend as much time as they can going over their choices and narrowing them down. This can be anything from what colleges to apply to, which essay to write, which teachers to ask for a recommendation, or whether or not to apply through the common application. Having a definitive plan will be easier in the long run. No one wants to write 14 different college essays.

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