Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 7 Winner

A little kindness goes a long way. When a 9th grade Wisconsin Army National Guard student was struggling with Algebra, he was able to log on to Tutor.com for US Military Families, connect with Rebeca M. and get the help he needed from a “super kind and helpful” tutor. Learn more about our latest Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes winners in the Q&A below.

favorite tutor sweepstakes week 7

9th Grade Army National Guard Student

How did you hear about Tutor.com?

I learned about Tutor.com for Military Families in an e-mail from the Wisconsin Guard.

What classes do you use Tutor.com for?

Mostly just for Algebra 1.

What would you tell other students about Tutor.com?

It is amazing!!! It is super easy to use and the support is great! I highly recommend using tutor.com to get all your work done with the grades you want!!



Rebecca M.

What is your favorite subject to tutor?

My favorite subject to tutor is Algebra, but I enjoy helping students with any math subject.

What was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject was Geometry. I really enjoyed learning how to apply all the theorems and postulates to a problem to find the solution. It’s like finding the answer to a puzzle with every problem! I also enjoyed writing proofs because it makes you think through the theorems in such a logical order.

What is your favorite homework tip?

If you find yourself stuck on a math problem, step away for a short time. When we are really involved with a problem, it can be easy to overlook some important information or miss a mistake that we’ve made. After a short break, you can often come back and see the problem in a new light.

What is your favorite thing about tutoring?

In many problems in math, there are different approaches to get the same answer. I love helping students find the way that works best for them when solving a math problem and hearing them say, “It finally makes sense this way!”

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