Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 6 Winner

Most of our tutors will tell you that their favorite thing about tutoring is helping students reach that “ah-ha” moment — the instant when the student finally figures it all out and the concepts are clear. Recently, Amanda had a session with her favorite tutor, Carrie W., to get help with Algebra II homework.  Amanda was able to see first-hand how much her tutor was dedicated to making sure she reached that moment. As a result of Carrie W.’s patience and dedication Amanda had an “ah-ha” moment and completed her homework successfully! Learn more about the latest winners of the Tutor.com for Military Families Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes below.

Amanda H. (Navy)

How did you hear about Tutor.com for U.S. Military Families?

I heard about Tutor.com through my local military rec. center.

What classes do you use the service for?

I mainly use Tutor.com for math.

What would you tell other students about Tutor.com?

I have actually told a bunch of my friends about Tutor.com.


favorite tutor winner week 6Carrie W.

 What is your favorite subject to tutor?

My favorite subject to tutor is probably Algebra. I enjoy the challenge of putting the puzzle together and working through to a solution. Geometry, though, has its strong points for me as well because I love being able to put the properties of the shapes together.

What was your favorite subject in school?

In school, I loved being part of my Algebra classes because that was where I was able to find patterns, follow number rules, and solve problems with certainty that my answers were correct…you can always check math!

What is your favorite study/homework tip?

My favorite study tip is to practice, practice, practice. But that does not mean to work for hours on end. In order for your study to last longer in your brain, I believe you have to take breaks and do large muscle activities. Work on the problems for half an hour and then reward yourself by shooting hoops or cleaning your room, or going for a short run for 10 minutes. You will retain more of what you are studying when you alternate activities like this.

What is your favorite thing about tutoring?

My favorite thing about tutoring is getting to work with students and seeing that ah-ha moment happen. To go from “I’m completely lost” to “I get it and let me show you” absolutely thrills my heart. At that point I hear and see the confidence take over and I start to celebrate!

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