Tutor.com Delivers 10 Million Sessions

10 million sessionsLast Thursday at 12:39 AM Tutor.com reached 10 million one-on-one, tutoring and homework help sessions! Every night, about 6,000 students visit Tutor.com to get help in one of the more than 40 subjects offered from algebra and basic grammar to AP Physics and AP Literature across middle, high school and college level courses.

A recent survey by Tutor.com found that 62% of students said they need help with homework a few times a month and 72% of students said they would like to improve their grades. According to a recent study from the National Center for Family Literacy, almost 50% of parents can’t help their kids with homework because they don’t know the material.

“That’s no surprise,” says Mandy Ginsberg, our CEO. “Most parents haven’t sat in a classroom working out equations for 20 years. It’s a huge relief for parents to have expert help at the moment when their child needs it. We’re proud to have been there for students more than 10 million times.”

Tutor.com’s stats reflect the changing nature of the US classroom. More students than ever before are taking higher level math classes—70% of high school students are taking algebra and almost 16% are taking calculus. In a survey of 500 math tutors, 80% said the number one reason students come to Tutor.com for help is because they are missing concepts in class.

  • Algebra has always been the most requested subject
  • Essay writing and calculus has beat out chemistry and geometry as the second and third most requested subjects over the past year

Students are sitting in classrooms learning in groups all day. Mandy believes that when they have a homework problem, personalized help that focuses on their needs and learning style really works. In fact, 90% of students that have used the service report better grades, higher confidence and increased homework completion.

“It’s so easy to get expert help,” said Mandy. “No matter where you live, your child can work with a great tutor from anywhere in the country right from your kitchen table. And we can help alleviate the frustration a student has when it’s 9 p.m. and they are stuck on a tough homework problem. We’re helping make tutoring affordable and available to every family.”

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