Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 5 Winner

When you work hard, it pays off. That’s one lesson TaTiyanna B. has taken away from Tutor.com for US Military Families. Her sessions with her favorite tutor, Eric E., have helped her improve her grades and better understand the material. Read below to learn a little more about both TaTiyanna and Eric, the latest winners of the Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes!

TaTiyanna B. (Navy Reserves)

How did you hear about Tutor.com for U.S. Military Families?

I heard about Tutor.com from a teacher of mine.

What classes do you use the service for?

I use Tutor.com for my pre-calculus class.

What would you tell other students about Tutor.com?

I would tell anyone using Tutor.com to keep going and never give up. The work may be frustrating but the tutors make it their duty to make sure you get it and understand completely.


favorite tutor sweepstakes week 5

Eric E.

 What is your favorite subject to tutor?

        I tutor Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Calculus on Tutor.com, and I very much enjoy helping students in all of those subjects.  I may have a slight preference for calculus because problems often involve algebra, analytic geometry, or trigonometry in addition to calculus concepts.

What was your favorite subject in school?

        My favorite subject in high school and college was math, although playing on the tennis team was a close second.

What is your favorite study/homework tip?

As a student, one thing I liked about math was that it did not require a lot of memorization.  However, memorizing certain key equations and laws is very important.  For example, knowing the laws of logarithms and exponents makes many problems easy to solve.  Creating notes that summarize these key equations and laws and then taking the time to memorize them really helps for homework problems and exams.  The other favorite tip for solving math word problems is to identify the unknown(s) and assign variable name(s) to them up front before diving into the details.

What is your favorite thing about tutoring?

My favorite thing about tutoring is that it provides me the opportunity to help students improve their math skills and gain understanding of new concepts. It is very rewarding when a student “catches on” to a new skill or concept during the course of a tutoring session.

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