Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 4 Winner

You don’t often hear physics described as “easy”, but after getting help from her favorite tutor, Caitlin K. did just that. Working with tutor, Farrooh F., Caitlin is able to break down problems into manageable steps and build her confidence as she correctly moves through the problem. Caitlin attributes her 100 in Accelerated Physics to her work with Farrooh, but we think it is a combination of hard work on her part and the guidance of a great tutor. Read more about Caitlin and Farrooh below!

Caitlin K. (Navy)

How did you hear about Tutor.com for U.S. Military Families?

I heard about Tutor.com in USAA magazine.

What classes do you use the service for?

I use Tutor.com for physics and statistics homework help, my worst favorite classes. It’s awesome!

What would you tell other students about Tutor.com?

I would tell other students how Tutor.com is helpful because it’s one-on-one tutoring with a real person. I have tried other forms of online homework help and usually it involves a YouTube video, which is much less personalized and harder to apply to your specific problems. If I’m having a hard time understanding a concept, I personally need someone to explain it to me, which makes Tutor.com great for me. I’ve referred friends and relatives and they love Tutor.com as much as I do.

Farrooh F.

favorite tutor sweepstakes week 4

What is your favorite subject to tutor?

My favorite subject to tutor is Physics and math. More broadly, I just love teaching all science related subjects.

What was your favorite subject in school?

In middle and high school I liked all subjects, and did not have a particular preference. However, I used to practice writing poetry, prose, solving various math related problems, and enjoying science in general.

What is your favorite study/homework tip?

Careful reading of the problem, word by word, and taking notes in ones own way is my most favorite tool. This always helps me organize well and understand the homework problem quicker. If it does not work, I will repeat it for the second time, and if required I will also make sketches (works for Physics problems). And that has always helped me.

What is your favorite thing about tutoring?

Watching young students learn new stuff quickly before your very eyes has always been the most rewarding experience as a tutor.


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