Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 1 Winner

On Tuesday we announced the first winner of our Who’s Your Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes! Malki F. shared why Chemistry tutor, Linda H., was her favorite. And one week later both took home a $50 Amazon gift card. Read our Q&As below to hear from both Malki and Linda to hear about some of their other favorite things.

Malki F. (Ft. Gillem)

favorite tutor sweepstakes

How did you hear about Tutor.com for U.S. Military Families?

I heard about it through Google. I was looking up military discount items and I found Tutor.com.

What classes do you use the service for for?

I’m a sophomore in college so it has been pretty useful to have someone on hand! I have used it mainly for chemistry so far but also a little calculus this semester. I’m also planning on trying out the English section soon!

What would you tell other students about Tutor.com?

You can see your tutors desktop and work on documents with them. You can send papers and pictures of what you’re working on, and best of all, the tutors are absolutely unbelievable!


Linda H.

What is your favorite subject to tutor?

Chemistry is my favorite subject. It explains so much about the world around us.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I enjoyed all of my subjects, but science classes were the most interesting. I loved to learn how things worked.

What is your favorite study/homework tip?

The most important thing any student can do to be successful is go to class, pay close attention in class, and take good notes. That is 90% of the battle. Then when you are home you have the resources you need to understand your homework.

What is your favorite thing about tutoring?

I love to help students understand a concept that has been troubling them. I really enjoy the challenge of finding just the right way to break through the confusion for each student and help them experience that “AHA” moment when it all clicks.

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