Your September College Checklist

college checklistConfirm your classes

Take a look at the classes required for your top schools and check that your schedule is in line with those courses. When graduation comes along you’ll want to be sure you meet all of the requirements for your school of choice.

Connect with teachers

Identify one or two teachers that you work well with and set up times to talk on a monthly basis. Building relationships with teachers is helpful for success throughout the year and will come in handy when letters of recommendation are needed.

Check in with school counselors

Start the school year off with a meeting with your school counselor. Talk with them about your current interests and goals for the school year. You could find out about special opportunities your school offers such as job shadow days or summer programs.

Create a list of accomplishments 

Keep track of awards and recognitions from day one. It is a lot easier writing down these accomplishments as they come in, rather than trying to remember them off the top of your head a year or two later.

Sign up for prep courses

September is the time to start your prep courses for SAT and ACT tests in October and November.

Hard deadlines:

September 6Registration deadline for the October 5th SAT

September 27Registration deadline for the October 26th ACT

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