Tutor of the Month: Corey W.

Corey W.

Corey W. loves math! His passion shines through during his tutoring sessions.  This fall, he’ll  head to Nebraska to begin his Ph.D, and be closer to his goal of being a university professor. Read our Q&A below to see why his drive and passion for mathematics make him the Tutor of the Month!

Tell us about yourself.

I graduated from Rowan University in New Jersey with a B.S. in Mathematics and I am getting ready to start the Ph.D program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln next semester. I’m pretty nervous about moving 1,300 miles to a completely different place, but it should be exciting!

How did you find out about Tutor.com?

I was looking for a job that would be able to use my ability in mathematics and I knew I wanted to tutor but I didn’t really have the flexibility to do in-person  tutoring so I looked for a local option.  I researched online and found Tutor.com!

What makes Tutor.com a great fit for you?

Teaching is probably my second favorite thing, next to mathematics of course. With Tutor.com’s really flexible schedule and immersive experience, I am able to teach  as well as train for my future career as a professor.

Do you find the 1-to-1 feature of Tutor.com important?

One-to-one interaction with the students is a very important aspect to one’s education. It’s very difficult for an instructor to get a point across to 30 people at one. For many of these students, individual interactions are needed to clarify the knowledge given in the classroom.

Have any homework tips or advice for students?

One piece of advice that really helps is not to get frustrated and understand that you’re not the only one. Working together with similar students can really make schoolwork less aggravating and stressful.

What do you do for fun?

Outside of all the academia, I love playing tennis, video games, and watching movies.


2 Responses to Tutor of the Month: Corey W.

  1. Roselia June 12, 2013 at 9:07 PM #

    Good Evening Cory my son John actually is in summer school for the math STAAR test he didn’t pass I wonder if u could help him some how
    he as an accelerated instruction plan his math teacher give to show were his weaknesses are. can u help him pls

    Thank you

    Mom Roseli

    • Tutor.com June 17, 2013 at 9:16 AM #

      Hi Roselia,

      Thanks for reaching out! Your son can get help from any one of our expert tutors, including Corey, by logging on to the site and having a session. Just head to http://www.tutor.com for details on how to sign up.

      Let us know if you have any questions.

      The Tutor.com Team

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