Around the World with U.S. Military Families and military team travelThis spring, teamed up with education partners in Europe and the U.S. to remind students that they have access to tutoring help.  From youth centers in Texas to Kinderfests in Germany, students in military families were prepared for the end of the year finals with the help of

Throughout their travels, team members visited a total of 26 military installations in the U.S., Italy and Germany.  The team worked with School Liaison Officers, youth centers, educators, parents and students to show them how eligible K-12 students can access on-demand 24/7 help for homework, standardized test prep and more.

There were many highlights and we asked a few of the team members to describe their favorite moments.

Steve:   My favorite memory was watching a group of students at Vicenza Youth Center have math sessions.  While they were working, all of the other kids in the youth center started to eat cake.  These students, however, were so engulfed in the conversation with a tutor that they didn’t eat any of the cake that their friends were wolfing down!  After seeing how much fun it was to talk to a real person, some of the other students decided they wanted to create an account, too.

Pam:  On our first day in Europe, we met with library staff and others at the Sigonella, Italy library.  In advance of our visit, the library staff created and posted signs about for U.S. Military Families, and I just happened to be standing beside one of the signs when a group of students walked into the library. One of the students stopped to read the poster and then exclaimed, “I wish I had a tutor right now!”

So I introduced myself and showed him how to register for an account using the library computers. He proceeded to work with one of our Social Studies tutors to get help researching Nathaniel Hawthorne for a biography report. His classmates were watching us closely, and after hearing him tell me how helpful the tutor was, they also created accounts and started working on their reports. The best part was, I didn’t really even help the other students—they helped each other. By the time the time I left the library, the students were sharing their tips for how to use the classroom and change their avatars.

Meg:  It’s always a wonderful experience to visit an installation and speak to a service member going back to school and benefiting from for U.S. Military Families, or meet a military parent whose child’s grades have improved from using the program. It’s an honor to shake their hands and to share the wonderful news of for Military Families with them.

Ty: During a USO community event I had the opportunity to meet military families that were unfamiliar with Having the chance to interact with such a diverse group, hearing their stories and gaining a better understanding of how this resource can alleviate some of the stress among parents and kids, is something that was memorable for me.

Jon:  A young couple came to my presentation to tell me that they had a child who is developmentally delayed and has a difficult time with school work.  They wanted to tell me that they found out about this program from another event and it has been extremely useful in helping their child to read.  Their child now talks to a tutor about 2-3 times a week and is teaching himself how to read.

In additional to all of the great students we met in our travels, we couldn’t have done it without the help of an outstanding group of School Liaison Officers, librarians, educators, youth center staff, etc.  The list goes on!  We would like to recognize a few of them who we saw going above and beyond to serve the students in their communities:

Thank you to:

Camp Lejeune: Eric S, Judy B., Donna G, Angela S, Michelle A, James S

Fort Belvoir:  Annette E,

Fort Hood: Wanda C, Kamilah A, Robbye D, Terri J

Fort Benning: Connie C, Tawanna B

Joint Base San Antonio:  Paul B, Cheryl N, Latonya C, Lori P, Frank T

JB Lewis McChord: Norma M, Tami J

NAS Sigonella:  Richard A

Aviano AFB:  Ann M

USAG Vicenza:  Norie M

Ramstein AFB / USAG Kaiserslautern / Landstuhl:  Sabine K, Ladonna A, Stephen B, Shawn F-B

USAG Schweinfurt:  Damon M, Michael D,

USAG Weisbaden:  Peter W

USAG Ansbach:  Derek H

USAG Grafenwoher: Ann B, Jennifer S

USAG Hohenfels: Sharron M

USAG Stuttgart:  Joe H, Brian P

USAG Bamberg: Archie J, Kenneth H, Kenneth Y, Michelle M

Europe:  Judi P, Jenifer G

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