We <3 Our Tutors!

HeartLibrariesTo celebrate Valentine’s Day we’re sharing the top 5 reasons we and our students love our tutors!

5.  Patience, Patience, Patience: Yes, it’s a virtue that our tutors have in spades! They take their time to really understand what a student needs and work with him/her until they get it.

4. Enthusiasm: It may be 10:00 p.m., but our tutors are downright cheerful! They never miss a chance to say “great job!”. Their enthusiasm makes that looming calculus test seem not so bad.

3. Expertise: We work hard to recruit great tutors and every day they prove just how much they know from helping students write an A+ essay to working out that tough chemistry equation.

2.  Personal: Learning is a very personal endeavor and we <3 how our tutors personalize every session to what a student needs. They are not afraid to try a few approaches to ensure a student understands the problem.

1. Wow Factor: Check out our Tutor of the Month posts and you’ll say “wow” too. Our tutors are also NASA scientists, Hubble Space engineers, author and professors. We’re lucky to have them.

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