Homework Tips for the New Year

homework tipsIf better grades are on your 2013 resolutions list, then you’re in luck!  Below are some recommendations straight from our expert tutors to help you ace your tests, homework and final grades for the rest of the school year. What homework or study tips do you find work best for you?

“I encourage students to not put anything off. Make the most of your time and use it wisely. Also, my own personal little study tip for all those visual learners out there: color-code everything! Write exam study guide questions on different colored note cards, and highlight different portions of your text in a different color for each topic. When you’re staring at that exam question, you’ll be surprised how your memory can so quickly recall that color and consequently, the answer.” – Shawn K, English Tutor

“My best tip for students is: practice! practice! practice! That’s how you learned the ‘elementary’ math topics and science facts that you already know. Don’t think that you’re ‘not good’ at math or science.  If necessary, get help from Tutor.com to better understand the logic behind the concepts and then do lots of practice questions. And soon enough, the new concepts will become familiar to you, and you will be able to add them to the growing list of things that you already know!” – Leah S, Science Tutor

“I have always told my students that just like any sport math requires practice and more practice. The best thing about Tutor.com for the students is they can get individualized help on demand. This teaches them the important skill of advocating for their own learning.” – Deborah M, Math and Science Tutor

“I’d tell students that to better understand the material they are learning in school they need to make connections to real life.” – Hope W, Science Tutor

“It’s tough to say one thing that will make someone a better student but if I had to, I would remind students to constantly keep their mind on the long term goals they have. Think about how much your future self will thank you for doing all the right things to make the rest of your life easier on yourself with what you do in the present.” – Andranik A, Science Tutor

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