Amazing Alaska: What’s with the static cling sheets?

At the end of November, our Military team headed to Alaska to spread the word about for Military Families. While we were there we found a lot of things that were unusual to us cheechakos (an Alaskan word for newcomers). Like why does the sun set at 3:47? Why do we need to carry static clings in our clothes? The list goes on and on! So, when we got back we asked a few of our tutors to help explain the science of it all. Here’s what we found out!

static clingQuestion #3:  Why do people need to carry static cling sheets in their pockets in Alaska? [Chemistry]

Answer:  Because it is very cold and dry in Alaska, the dry air causes static electricity to build up on different objects. Static cling sheets, also known as dryer sheets, help prevent differences in static electricity between two objects.


static cling

View the full session transcript here.

Session Note:  Session is between a employee and a science tutor and was used with permission.  Student sessions are kept private and will not be made public.

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