Put Your Data to Work

If you’re working on a “big data” project or just trying to better understand your students, you’ll want to learn more about Predictive Insights™ Data Analysis Service from Tutor.com.  Our new, enhanced reporting program complements early alert systems and student support programs.

Predictive Insights gives you actionable data about the students using Tutor.com online tutoring services.  You’ll receive both individual student reports and aggregate trend data about cohorts of students.  This real-time analysis is available when you need it to help you allocate resources, support staff and students.

For individual students, Predictive Insights provides a detailed student report that shares the subject(s) the student has sought help in and if the student has been flagged by a tutor as not having the prerequisite knowledge needed. These immediate and regular reports empower you to provide support to the right students at the right time.

Predictive Insights also tracks and reports trends across groups of students. In this example, we can see that 23% of students needed a tutor’s help to understand multiplying, dividing and factoring expressions while only 1% needed help with patterns. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of student cohorts gives faculty and administrators a powerful tool for change.

Contact us to see additional sample report charts and learn more about Predictive Insights.  We’d love to hear how we can help you put your data to work!


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