Military Family Finds Success with has a network of 2,500 tutors spread across North America, and about 10% of our tutors are affiliated with the military. Since our tutors are remote, we rarely get a chance to meet them face-to-face. That’s why our for U.S. Military Team was thrilled to meet Lara P., a tutor and military spouse, at the 63rd Army Reserve Support Command (RSC) Yellow Ribbon Reintegration event in Los Angeles. Our team was there to introduce Army Reserve families to’s one-to-one, online tutoring service, which  military families have access to 24/7 at no cost thanks to funding by the Department of Defense.

Lara is a busy Army Reserve spouse, mother of two and an English and essay writing expert for A former middle school teacher in both public and private schools, Lara wanted to find an education position that would match her mobile lifestyle due to her husband’s military position and allow her to spend more time with her young son. Lara found out about from a friend. Now her commute is up her home staircase, to an office where she works one-to-one with students online.  Lara’s older son, a college freshman, used to get help with high school geometry and chemistry. Lara spoke to us about the challenges she had encouraging her teen son to use the program and why is a great service for adults too. After spending 14 years teaching in a classroom setting, why did you decide to become an online tutor?

Lara:  I love teaching, but as a military spouse I need a flexible career.  My family has moved twice in the past five years due to my husband’s military career.  My husband, an Army Reservist, was deployed for the past year and I wanted to be home with our two sons.  Now, my husband is back from deployment, but we live on a pretty remote military base. A friend told me about tutoring online with and I loved the idea of working with students from my home. I set my own hours and just go upstairs and log on my computer when I’m ready to tutor. It is a great fit for me and my family.  Besides the flexibility, what else do you like about being a tutor?

Lara: In a classroom setting it’s hard to reach everyone on an individual level.  When I tutor online, I have the opportunity to reach a student right when they need help and to work with him or her directly with no distractions.  I feel very successful when I’m able to connect with a student and help them. It’s a great feeling!  And I especially enjoy knowing I’m helping other military members and families.  (Note: is an anonymous service.)  What types of students do you help?

Lara:  I’d say that about half of the students I work with are in college.  Some are adults who are going back to school.  People think that is just for middle school or high school kids, but it’s really for everyone.  Why did your son start using

Lara: My son was always a good student and any help he needed I or my husband could provide.  That all changed in high school. When he started taking tougher math and science courses, I realized he needed extra help, and it wasn’t going to come from me!  At first, he was resistant to trying I think he was a bit intimidated by the idea of tutoring. That all changed after his first session with a tutor.  He loved it!  Soon he was using regularly to get help with geometry and chemistry.  He liked being able to select his favorite tutors so he could see which tutors were online and plan his schedule around them. What advice would you give other parents whose children are wary about trying online tutoring?

Lara:  I’d encourage parents to help their child log-in the first time, even if they are a teenager!  Once your child uses the program and understands how the tutors can help him or her, they will love it and probably not ask for your help again. You just need to get them to try it that first time.  It is also a great tool for military families who are often moving and need a resource that is available 24/7 and all around the world.

If you are a member of a military family, please go to to find out if you are eligible for the program.  The for U.S. Military Families program is funded by the Department of Defense MWR Library Program, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, Navy General Library Program and Army General Library Program. is proud to be a member of the Military Spouse Employment Program.  Approximately 10% of tutors are military spouses or military affiliated.


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