Happy Independence Day!

4th of july statsWe love celebrations and the 4th of July is always a favorite. Beaches, barbecues and fireworks are at the top of our list.  We started to wonder what does July 4th look by the numbers?  Just how many fireworks are launched and how many hot dogs are consumed?  Remember we’re a company that delivers close to a million math and science tutoring sessions a year so yes, we love this stuff!   Check out what we found and share some of your own July 4th numbers with us in the comments!

  • 14,500 – The number of firework displays that light up the sky across the U.S. on July 4th 5
  • $600 million – The estimated cost of the fireworks purchased nationwide 1
  • 40,000 – The number of shells launched in the 25 minute Macys Fireworks Display in New York City 3
  • 1,600 – The number of shells launched per minute in the Macys Fireworks Display 3
  • $10,000 – The estimated cost for a standard small town fireworks display 2
  • $everal million – The estimated cost for a major city corporate fireworks extravaganza 4
  • 78 million – The estimated number of Americans that host a barbecue on July 4th 2
  • 155 million – The estimated number of hot dogs that are consumed on Independence Day 2
  • $182 million – The estimated cost of hamburger patties for barbecues on the 4th 1
  • $203 million – The estimated cost of the condiments to drizzle over the hamburgers and hot dogs 1

How are you celebrating Independence Day?


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