Putting People in Ed Tech

Online tutoring is about people. And the technology is cool too.

Education technology has taken on many different forms in the classroom. Over the past year more schools have adopted iPad programs and more teachers have experimented with social media tools to engage their students. Video is taking on a larger role too especially with the introduction of Kahn Academy. Interactive content is great, but oftentimes you need real help from a real, live person.

The Internet helped us change the medium, but the ancient practice of one-to-one tutoring remains the same. With Tutor.com, your tutor doesn’t have to live close by or come to your house every week—geography and time don’t matter. Our community of 2,500 tutors working online means that whenever students are stuck on a problem or concept they can use Tutor.com technology to get a live tutor, 24/7. And, students do this more than a million times a year.

Providing access to tutors for that intense one-to-one help outside the classroom helps students:

  • Get the individualized help they need tailored to their learning style and specific area of struggle (Our tutors don’t end a session until the student has grasped the concept)
  • Come to the classroom prepared and ready to learn
  • Be more confident and engaged learners who ask better questions

Technology alone can’t guarantee these results. If you’re interested in learning more about online tutoring provided by real tutors helps make classrooms better, visit our website: www.tutor.com/schools.


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