Mentor of the Month: Sarah S.

This month, we asked our tutors to nominate a mentor of the month. Guiding our tutors and providing them feedback, our mentors are an integral part in maintaining our high tutoring standards. We are pleased to introduce this month’s Mentor of the Month, Sarah S!

From volunteering to biking to playing the piano, Sarah S. loves to pursue a variety of interests. With her schedule changing each week she found that working with allows her to make time for all of her different activities and still be proud of the work she does through tutoring and mentoring. Find out below what her favorite part of her job is and how she stays sharp in a variety of subjects. How long have you been with

Sarah: I started tutoring for in 2006 and fell in love with the job! I became a Mentor in 2007 and a Senior Mentor in 2008. What sparked an interest in becoming a tutor?

Sarah: It is my hope that through my tutoring and mentoring I can help those I work with to feel proud of themselves and feel accomplished. What do you enjoy most about being a mentor?

Sarah: What I love most about being a mentor is the opportunity to be a resource to other tutors and mentors. I enjoy watching each of my tutors and mentors grow in their skills. They are the foundation of our business, and it is a pleasure for me to be instrumental in their development and by extension in the experiences of each of our students. What subjects do you tutor and mentor?

Sarah: Although my background is in Communication, I tutor Algebra through Calculus. In addition to those subjects, I mentor Elementary Math, Midlevel Math, Statistics, English, and Essay Writing. That is quite the variety of subjects! How to you stay up to date on all of them?

Sarah: In my spare time, I like to work through calculus textbooks to stay sharp on my math skills and I compete with my sister in weekly writing prompts to keep my English skills and creativity sharp. What is your favorite part of working with

Sarah: With a 9 to 5 job, I wouldn’t be able to focus on my dreams or give back the way I can with I am always looking for opportunities to learn something new and lets that happen! What sort of hobbies to you pursue outside of work?

Sarah: Outside of, I bike through the Colorado trails with my husband, play the piano, flute, and clarinet, and experiment with Gluten-Free cooking and baking. I also spend several hours a week volunteering at a couple organizations here in town. gives me the flexibility to pursue my many interests.


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