Meet Our MyLivePD Coaches: Ed L.

MyLivePD™ Online Coaching Service connects teachers to experienced coaches for help with anything they want from planning to classroom management. While the technology that allows us to connect a teacher to a coach at any time of day—and sometimes thousands of miles away from one another—is pretty amazing; the real power of online coaching is the coaches. Ed L is one of those amazing professionals. Ed has coached teachers for nine years and taught in the classroom for five. Here’s his approach to collaborating with teachers and ultimately helping students learn.

Why were you interested in participating in MyLivePD?

I have been helping teachers for many years and I see the needs and benefits of getting teachers support instantly as the most practical way to improve the success of all students. MyLivePD offers that support to all teachers.

What is your favorite aspect of coaching?

I love coaching because it emboldens teachers to know they are not alone and that they are doing awesome work.

What’s your coaching philosophy?

Coaches have to be experts on getting information from teachers. Using that information, the coach can then determine exactly what key issues may be helpful for the teacher so the teacher can find more success when taking the next step in his or her efforts. Good coaches always offer positive choices and options as well as how each option may help the teacher achieve the goals that have been shared.

Learning is a journey for us all, and coaches help us over the obstacles in our way.

What do you hope teachers get out of theMyLivePD program?

I hope teachers learn that they are not alone in their wonderful efforts, and that by working together, we can all improve how well we help our students learn.

And here’s what teachers have to say about Ed’s  coaching:

“Ed was amazing. Awesome ideas, and very creative.”

“Ed gave me a fantastic idea about how to encourage my TAKS Exit Level students during the next few weeks. Thank you!”

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