Tutor of the Month: Rebecca F.

Each month our team of mentors nominates a “Tutor.com Tutor of the Month”. We are pleased to introduce this month’s Tutor of the Month, Rebecca F!

After relocating to a new state Rebecca F. decided to stay at home full-time with her three kids. However, she missed the daily student- teacher relationships she had back in Wisconsin. As a high school biology teacher for 14 years she grew used to the constant demands of being a teacher, but the shift to stay-at-home mom brought new opportunities. That’s when a colleague referred her to Tutor.com. The chance to maintain a flexible schedule initially drew her in, but her dedication to staying connected to the classroom and helping students with biology is why she is May’s Tutor.com Tutor of the Month.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I currently live in Iowa, after moving from Wisconsin last year. I have been tutoring with Tutor.com since October of 2011, and am approved to tutor Biology and Elementary Science. I graduated from Marquette University in Education with a minor in Psychology back in 1997. Then I was able to finish my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Carroll University in 2002. For the past 14 years I was a high school science teacher in Greendale, WI where I taught Honors Biology, Biological Processes, Biology, and Physical Science. I also taught pre-service science teachers a science ethodology class at Alverno College. Last year my husband landed a new job in Iowa, and with the move I decided to stay home full time with my three kids.

How did you find out about Tutor.com?

One of my colleagues who knew about my career change mentioned Tutor.com to me and its flexibility in scheduling and thought that it may be something I might want to pursue part-time while staying at home with my children. I have always had an interest in online teaching and learning, and I value its benefits, so this opportunity was appealing to me.

What is your favorite part of tutoring with Tutor.com?

I miss the relationships I had with my students while teaching full-time, so I really enjoy when a student and I “connect;” when we both are excited about what we are learning together, and sometimes share a quick story or joke that relates to the discussion at hand.

I get the chance to work with lots of great students, and they always have new and challenging biology or science questions that keep me fresh and involved with science related topics. I also appreciate the flexibility I have to change my schedule week to week so I never have to miss one of my own children’s activities and events.

What is one piece of advice you think all students should know?

Students are their own best advocates in what they need to be successful in school. Nothing makes a bigger difference than when the student approaches me with a question or admits some content is confusing and difficult. That is when I know I need to re-teach a topic in new way or find other strategies to help that student figure the material out.

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun I enjoy spending time with my family. This summer we are taking a family trip Out West (Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, WY, and various places in Colorado). I also like to scrapbook, read, bike, spend time outdoors, volunteering at my boys’ school, and have recently become involved with various “mom” groups in the city I live in to create great learning experiences for my youngest daughter who stays at home with me while my two older boys are in school. I have also picked up running, and my goal by this fall is to run 10 miles as part of a team in the Fall 50 Race in Door County, WI along with my husband, who is going to attempt to run the entire 50 miles on his own!!


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