Thanking Our Teachers

The National Education Association summed it up nicely in their #thankateacher sample tweets: “if you can write your name, if you can read, and if you followed your dream, then there is a teacher you can thank.” From the simplest tasks to the most complicated concepts, teachers are there to help us learn.  And often that can go unnoticed. So today, along with thousands of others, we are celebrating all the things teachers have done for us!

I’d like to thank my dad, Ed Sobanski. I never had him as a teacher in a classroom, but he taught Math for over 30 years and would sometimes help me with my homework. Thanks to him I always had an appreciation of Math and saw learning as a fun game rather than a challenge. Thanks, Dad! – Evelyn Sullivan, Onboarding Manager

I’ll always remember Bill McCandless, Honors English Literature Teacher, 11th grade, South Lake High School.  Mr. McCandless helped all of us see past the sometimes difficult vernacular of Shakespeare’s plays, showing the true drama and humor inherent in Shakespeare classics such as Macbeth and Hamlet.  I can still recall his explanation of just exactly how “Birnam Wood did come to Dunsinane Hill.” He also helped me realize that I needed to broaden my tastes and start reading outside of the genres that I usually chose back then.  From across a veritable gulf of years, a shout out to Mr. McCandless!! – Tom Squillace, Sales Director

Mrs. JoAnn Puleo (11th and 12th grade: Commercial Art & Photography). It’s because of her that I do what I do, and I love what I do. – Duane Romanell, Creative Services Director

My sister, Betsy Schrage (5th Grade – Oxford, MI). Thank you for putting your heart and soul into teaching students about the values of teamwork and maintaining an open-mind.  Your kids are going to be world travelers and thought leaders thanks to the year they spent with you. – Steve Schrage, Marketing Coordinator – Military & Federal

My favorite teacher was Kathleen Depres. Not only was I lucky enough to have her as my fourth grade teacher, but she was my sixth grade teacher as well when she decided to leave the elementary school soon after I did.    What I remember most about her was her sense of adventure and curiosity. She loved to travel the world and explore new cultures. After every school vacation, she would bring us back tales of her adventures that she would craftily weave into the day’s grade school lessons. Because of that, I want to say thank you Ms. Depres for passing on to me your passion for learning as well as an amazing sense of adventure that still burns within. – Linda Gordon, K12 Trainer

Which teacher would you like to thank?


One Response to Thanking Our Teachers

  1. Amanda May 8, 2012 at 11:17 PM #

    My favorite teacher is my 7th grade teacher Ms. Serrano.
    She was strict and demanding and I thought she was mean
    at first but I then realized she was a great teacher. She helped
    me through thick and thin and I want her to know that it was an honor
    being in her classroom. 🙂

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