Thank a Military Family this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend here in New York City promises to be full of sunshine and blue skies. While many of us will be enjoying the rites of the unofficial summer kick-off, we will more importantly take time to remember and honor the many men, women and children who have served our country.

It has been our pleasure and our privilege to provide military families access to academic tutoring for the past five years. We’ve been guests on bases from North Carolina to Hawaii and we’ve met hundreds of service members, spouses and children. Their stories stay with us and teach us what it means to be part of a military family in this new century. The joy expressed when a family learns that their dad/husband will unexpectedly be home for the holidays after a year of deployment; the pride in a sixteen year-old’s voice when he describes his father and how he’ll soon follow in his footsteps; the resourcefulness of spouses who support one another throughout deployments and returns; the unsung National Guard and Reservists who live in our communities before being called to serve.

We’ve interviewed quite a few students in military families over the last year and each one was more impressive than the last. Finally, we asked Joe Barron what it was about military families that create such focused students.All military kids are proud of their parents. We are so proud of our family and we never want to let them down. We want to make them proud,” explained Joe.

This Memorial Day tell a military family member how proud you are of them. Go to our Military Families Facebook page and share the above red, white and blue Thank You note.


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