Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether they are out saving the world or at home managing the household, mothers always seem to know best. And what’s best can be anything from getting a batch of cookies sent to your office, a much needed hug, or getting homework help from the right place. So this year we are celebrating Mother’s Day by sharing some of the Tutor.com student comments that showcase that relationship. They may not always be experts in math and science, but moms are always willing to try and lend a helping hand. All quotes are unedited.

“thank you so much. My mother and I really appreciate for what you’ve done!!!!! Keep up the good work ,Tutor.com!!!!!”

“The tutor helped me to figure out a math problem that my mom and I were both stuck on. This service is great, and I’m so happy that Stephanie could help me with the problem.”

“My mom and I love this website.  She has been telling everyone about it.  We have used is quite a few times.  She says she hopes it will still be offered as my sister gets older!!!   Thank you very much for the help you give!!”

“this was great i’ll tell all my friends about this. My mom will be proud on report card confereces”

“this is the best site i have ever used, my mom thinks its unbelievable…we owe  you chocolate :)”

“this service is great now my mom was right”

And sometimes, we are lucky enough to hear from mom herself.

“This service helped my daughter enjoy her Math assignment.  She will deffinately be back again for more tutring.  Thanks, O’s Mom.”

“Thank you for offering this program!! I’m a mother and so out of tune with this school work. I use it to help my son and at the same time I can help myself.”

“I am a mom who uses this service to talk out issues I don’t understand so I can help my kids.  Thank you so much!”

“My sons are both GATE students and we have used tutor help with a couple of math problems that have stumped us.  It’s a great service and one that I hope the library can continue to offer.  It’s a wonderful service that empowers students to think about their resources when trying to solve problems.  Plus, as a parent, the Tutor Help reduces the friction between mom/dad and child when we’re trying to help our kids.  Thank you! Thank you!”

“This site is amazing.  I am a 40 yr old mom and I have no clue on alot of this stuff.  It has helped me to help my daughter immensely.  Thank you. My tutor was awesome and patient!”

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

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