Tutor of the Month: Hope W.

Each month our team of mentors nominates a “Tutor.com Tutor of the Month”. We are pleased to introduce this month’s Tutor of the Month, Hope W!

Hope W.From Idaho to South Carolina, from kayaking to hockey, from Algebra to Biology, Hope W. leads a very busy life. Yet her motto is to keep it simple. Whether that means breaking down an algebra problem by drawing out each individual angle, or making a connection between a math problem and real life, Hope knows that students do their best when they understand the problem step by step. This teaching style combined with her stellar student reviews, are why Hope W. is this month’s Tutor.com Tutor of the Month.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Integrative Biology. I am currently looking to get my Master’s degree in Marine Biology. I tutor students privately a few hours a week, and I am a supervisor at a county beach park here in Charleston, SC. I really enjoy kayaking, boating, and going to the beach. Before I moved to Charleston, I enjoyed playing hockey on a Women’s Team in Utah. I have been tutoring with Tutor.com for two years, and I am currently approved to tutor Algebra, Algebra II, Biology, Elementary Math, Mid Level Math, and Math en Español.

What is your favorite part of tutoring at Tutor.com?

My favorite part about tutoring is helping students find the right answer, without giving it away. A lot of students already know how to get the answer; they just don’t realize it and need a little bit of guidance. I like tutoring with Tutor.com because it’s a good way to earn some extra money, and I tutor as little or as much as I need to with my busy schedule.

How did you hear about us?

I found about Tutor.com from my sister, who is currently a tutor 🙂

What is some advice you have for students?

I’d tell students that to better understand the material they are learning in school they need to make connections  to real life.

What’s your favorite book?

Of the books that I have read recently, I really enjoyed The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks because it’s an interesting mix on ethics, biography and the history of cell research. (Check out our Tutor.com Reads Book Club Review of Henrietta Lacks here!)

What’s  your favorite movie?

One of my favorite movies is Rookie of the Year. I love it because it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

What is your best homework tip for current students?

My best homework tip is pretend like the questions on the homework are questions on a test. That way you are more motivated to work through the problems.


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