Tutor.com for TAACCCT Grants

$500 million in grant funds is available to community colleges and other eligible institutions of higher learning thanks to the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant program otherwise known at TAACCCT.

If you’re working on a grant application, you know that one of the five core elements required by every potential grantee is Online and Technology-Enabled Learning.  This is defined as

“…..innovative and sophisticated applications of technology, including online, hybrid and/or technology-enabled strategies. These strategies should effectively teach content to students, enable students to teach themselves and each other, and/or allow students to engage in hands-on learning. Online and technology-enabled learning strategies can support competency-based assessment models and models for accelerated learning.

Examples of innovative online or technology-enabled learning methods include interactive simulations, personalized and virtual instruction, educational gaming, and strategies for asynchronous and real-time collaboration among learners and instructors.”

Personalized Learning and Collaboration

Tutor.com is a cost-effective online learning tool that offers personalized, virtual and real-time instruction and collaboration for college students in core curriculum classes.  Tutor.com’s community of 2,500 qualified subject experts creates a personal learning experience for every student.  Our tutoring model ensures that students are taught in a way that they master the concepts they are struggling with and have the tools to tackle the next similar challenging on their own.

Tutor.com’s College Center also includes robust career services and career tutors who can help students with job searching, creating resumes and preparing for job interviews.

If you’d like to learn more about Tutor.com and how our on-demand, online tutoring and career services fit into your TAACCCT grant, contact Sandi White, VP, Higher Education at swhite@tutor.com.  To learn more about Tutor.com’s services visit www.tutor.com/higher-education.

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