A Partnership That Continues to Grow

In 2006 the College of Coastal Georgia realized it had a problem. As a 2-year college at the time, it was running out of on-campus tutors to satisfy their students’ need for extra academic support. With its tutoring centers daily at capacity, the College of Coastal Georgia realized it needed a program that could augment what the on-campus center couldn’t supply. That is when they decided to partner with Tutor.com.

Brought on initially to provide on-demand, one-to-one support during the evening hours and weekends, Tutor.com became an instant hit. Students appreciated the extra hours of support that better fit their busy schedules. Even better, they could connect to a tutor online from the comfort of home. For many students who commuted and were not on campus every day, this made tutoring truly accessible.

In 2008 the College of Coastal Georgia began moving forward with some exciting changes as it became a 4-year college. Throughout that transition, Tutor.com provided them with the flexibility to grow their program as the demand for academic support increased. Between the additional students and the campus’s own promotion of their tutoring and instruction services, the school decided to offer Tutor.com 24/7. Students responded and campus usage of the service during the 2010-2011 academic year was 750% greater than the year before. Anywhere, anytime access was giving students the support they needed.

With about 3,500 students and over 13,000 one-to-one tutoring sessions under their belt, here is what College of Coastal Georgia students who have used the service have to say about Tutor.com:

  • “I am more confident going into tests because this website is offered to me at anytime during the day. I love it!”
  • “I had never heard of a service like this before, it was refreshing to have someone right there in my house that could help me with what I needed exactly! I would definitely recommend this service to others!”
  • 99% are glad the College of Coastal Georgia offers the Tutor.com service*
  • 96% are getting help completing their assignments*
  • 96% are improving their grades*
  • 97% are more confident about their school work*

Throughout the six year partnership the College of Coastal Georgia has expanded to be a 4-year school, increased its matriculation, and developed innovative programs to assist students with coursework. During that busy time, in order to make a good partnership a great one Tutor.com focused on what it does best, providing additional support. The Coordinator of Academic Tutoring and Instruction at the College of Coastal Georgia, Niki Schmauch, noted, “Our relationship with Tutor.com has been so successful because of the caliber of the company. Between the high quality of the tutors, the constant technological innovations and the responsiveness of the client services team, we have found the perfect partner in Tutor.com.”

To find out more information on Tutor.com for Higher Education, click here or call 888-888-6726 ext: 258.

*Survey results complied from post-session surveys during the 2010-2011 academic year



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