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What we’re Reading Now

From celebrating Digital Learning Day to attending the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, TX, these past few weeks have been flying by. Yet, as always, we made plenty of time to keep up with what is happening in the world of learning. This month our top reads focus on a survey revealing what kids really want out of digital learning, how libraries are evolving to keep up in the age of ebooks and the edtech trends to look out for in 2012. Check all of them out below, and let us know if we missed a great article you loved in January!

  • Digital Learning: What Kids Really Want via t.h.e. Journal: According to Project Tomorrow CEO Julie Evans, “Today’s students have their own ‘student vision’ for how they want to use technology for learning. That vision,” she said, “is really a statement of how students want to learn in general.”
  • Using Libraries In the Age of eBooks via PCWorld: Matt Hamblen’s recent article on ebook borrowing illustrates the difficulties libraries are facing in the digital age. It’s too bad, because libraries are an important resource.
  • Older workers head back to college via USA Today|College: More and more nontraditional, older students are returning to college, but they may never be see on a four-year university campus.
  • 5 K-12 Ed Tech Trends for 2012 via t.h.e. Journal: In 2012 education technology will see an increased focus on individualization—from personalized learning environments to digital textbooks designed to connect students to the resources that work best for them.

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