Tutoring Centers Go Mobile on Campus

mobile on campusCollege and university students are taking courses, chatting with professors and perusing their notes all online and increasingly from their mobile phones and tablets. Increased use of mobile devices was cited as one of the top five tech trends for 2012 by Karen Cator, the United States Department of Education’s director of technology in a recent T.H.E. Journal Article.

Student support centers are following suit offering students more access to the help they need to succeed in school.  Expanded support options are becoming increasingly important as the student population changes.  A higher number of students are commuting or taking online courses rather than going to campus.  They are looking for help that is convenient for their busy schedules and not site specific.

When academic centers add Tutor.com Online Tutoring to their support mix, students no longer have to find their way to a campus location; they can connect to an experienced tutor online from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device 24/7.

Increased access to high quality support can be a valuable game changer helping colleges and universities with one of the most pressing problems they face— retaining students. At Tutor.com we use the term access broadly.  It’s not just about where and when students connect to a tutor.  It’s also about engaging traditional, non-traditional and minority populations. It is about integration into learning management systems. It is about offering equal services to on campus and distance education students. This idea of access creates a comprehensive online tutoring solution for ALL students.

Mobile tutoring also encourages students to participate in a more collaborative approach to learning.  Students may incorporate notes or pictures from their class into the session and share their session with professors or with peers in a study group or via social media networks like Facebook.

What is your support center doing to go mobile?   Learn more about mobile tutoring solutions by visiting www.tutor.com/higher-education.

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