MyLivePD™ Online Coaching Service Now Available for All Mathematics Teachers


Coaches work in real-time with teachers

Back in September, we were excited to launch the MyLivePD™ Online Coaching service pilot thanks to a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  We now have almost 300 algebra teachers participating in the pilot to get real-time, on demand coaching.

Today, we’re officially launching MyLivePD for all mathematics teachers.   That’s right.  School districts may now purchase MyLivePD for their math teachers. In early March, teachers will have the opportunity to buy their very own subscription using a credit card or purchase order from their school.

We speak to teachers all the time who have sat through long PD sessions that may have limited to no impact for their day-to-day teaching.  MyLivePD is the EXACT OPPOSITE.   Teachers connect to a coach for an individualized session for immediate real-time collaboration around all planning topics, including differentiating instruction, classroom management, Common Core transitions, creating assessments and much more.  Teachers are using information from their sessions the very next day in the classroom.

Here’s what algebra teachers are saying about MyLivePD:

“Great advice and resources.”

“[Coach] took care of a fairly undirected question and provided some great ideas that went well past the experience I have in aiding student mastery.”

“This was great. I sometimes struggle with real-life connections, and my coach had some great examples.”

“I came in with a pedagogical issue and was helped with a great resource and transition into my next topic! Thank you!”

“I really enjoy working with the coaches I have learned so much I am excited about the process”

“(Coach) was wonderful. I really liked her idea, and look forward to trying the idea in class tomorrow.”

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