Success Story: Kiara W. Keeps her Straight A’s

In our ongoing Success Story series about how military families are using, we were lucky enough to meet Elizabeth and Kiara W.

Kiara and her family.

Elizabeth grew up in a military family as a self-described “military brat” and is now a military spouse living with her family on Edwards Air Force Base.  Her husband is currently serving a one-year deployment in Afghanistan.

Kiara is a junior in high school taking multiple AP classes and plays guard forward for the basketball team. An excellent student, Kiara found herself struggling with pre-calculus.  The family usually relies on Dad for math help, but with him deployed, Elizabeth started to search for tutoring options. A few months ago she discovered for U.S. Military Families and now Kiara’s C is an A. Here’s how she mastered pre-calculus. When did you first realize you needed help with school work?

Elizabeth: I knew Kiara was having a tough time with pre-calculus and her Dad is the one who helps with math, not me! So I started looking on the base and looking online to see what kind of help was out there and if there were any discounts for military families.  Everything was so expensive. We were glad to find (Note: for U.S. Military Families is free for eligible military families*.)

Knowing that Kiara can get help whenever she needs it eliminated stress for me and I think this option is better than a lot of the programs I researched. Kiara, how has online tutoring helped you?

Kiara: It’s really easy to use. The tutors are always helpful and nice. I’m using it most nights to help with homework or ask questions before a test. I mostly connect to a tutor from our desktop computer, but if I’m studying in my room late at night I just use my iPhone to get help. I like to take pictures of the blackboard or of my textbook and share it with tutor. It’s awesome! What’s different about online tutoring from learning in the classroom?

Kiara: At school the teacher usually shows one way of doing something. When I connect to a tutor, they show me a different way and I can understand it better. The tutors make it easier for me.  And sometimes the teacher is moving too fast for me. I know they need to keep on schedule. When I can’t keep up, it’s easier for me to ask a tutor for help.

With the tutors, I can get my work done faster and really understand it, too. You have straight A’s and participate in sports. How can other students achieve the same goals?

Kiara: You have to make sure your priorities are straight and don’t be too embarrassed to ask for help. Do your homework first and then worry about everything else. for U.S. Military Families is funded by the Department of Defense MWR Library Program and Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. To see if you are eligible for this program, please go to


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  1. Mehrete Girmay December 20, 2011 at 10:52 AM #

    This is such a great and inspiring story, which I was forwarded from a colleague who used a similar service for her child. I strongly believe in the concept of tutoring, be it online or in person. In North Carolina, I tutored freshman and sophomore college students at UNC Chapel Hill. These sessions proved beneficial for both the students and me. We were able to form long-lasting friendships where they felt comfortable enough to reach out to me for academic concerns as well as more personal ones. Tutoring allows for students to gain a sense of confidence that will serve them far beyond their academic years and into their careers. Great site and I will surely pass this on to family and friends who might be able to use this!

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