Happy Holidays from Tutor.com

This season we asked students for help so that we could help others. For our Annual Holiday Giving Program, we ask students to vote for one of three worthy charities that help students or are run by students. This year more than 650 students participated and voted for their favorite organization. They also shared why they were choosing the specific not-for-profit.  We loved reading their comments and hope you will too!

We are glad to be celebrating the holidays by donating to all three organizations– My Stuff Bags, Communities in Schools and Net Literacy.

Happy holidays from the  Tutor.com team!

My Stuff BagsWhen children are rescued from abuse and neglect or if they need to flee with a parent to a shelter, they often leave with little more than the clothes on their backs. My Stuff Bags Foundation provides these children individual duffels filled with toys, books, clothes and other personal items for them to do and hold close during a difficult time.

“When peole like that leave they think about how they can feed themselves or their children and with this charity they can help encourage more people to leave that situation knowing they will be helped out.”

“I choose this charity because it’s sad to think many children don’t have enough to wear or take to school to complete their classes with success. This charity is wonderful and it makes me realize how fortunate I am. I hope these kids will live a better life due to this phenomnal charity.”

“Ive never heard of them b4 put they sound like a good foundation. When I grow up I will donate to this foundation(: thanks for introducing this amazing foundation to me(:”

“I think that if people are given something to hold onto in a harsh time of need such as that their whole life will be impacted positively because they will have more hope and compassion for the world instead of a cynical view.”

“I know these children go through difficult, life changing experiences. Putting a smile on a child’s face this holiday season is beyond amazing.”

Communities in SchoolsCurrently working with more than 1 million young people in the US, Communities In Schools provides students with a network of support in order to empower them to stay in school, to graduate and to go on to bright futures.

“I chose this because we need kids to stay in school and graduate so they will have a good career when they get older.  we should anything and everything possible to keep kids in school”

“I feel like this organization has a wider purpose. It will help these kids for their entire life and will set them up for success in the future as well as helping them now.”

“I chose this charity, Communities in School, because I am in college and it’s a struggle and having help from a service such as tutor.com has helped me complete homework and understand how to do problems. CIS helping others that are struggling just like me is great because not knowing at all is really discouraging.”

“A good education is the best thing a person can have in their life, my dad always says. From there, they can go anywhere.”

Net LiteracyFounded by middle school students in 2003, Net Literacy’s board is still made up of 50% students, who have contributed to the organization’s development of a series of digital literacy programs. Over the past years, 20,000 computers have been donated to community centers, public libraries, schools as well as various other organizations.

“I think learning about the world around us will every child to prepare for their future in their life. It is important for every child to know their education that will help get them ahead.”

“The other ones were great as well! I thought this was one of the good causes because it’s made up of 50% of students? Wow! This is a good example of students caring about their community and making a difference! 🙂 Also, 11,000 resources given are amazing! 🙂 Thanks tutor.com for caring about the community! :)”

“Education of of computers and the internet is essential in our society today. Everything, even books are going electronic. A general knowledge of the internet is important with the increasing technology today.”

“I feel that it’s very important for places such as schools and public libraries to have computers. Students that don’t own computers can use it to research information for school which is very important for their education and grades.”


This post has been updated to reflect that Net Literacy has reached the 20,000 computers donated target.


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  1. Daniel Kent December 15, 2011 at 8:16 PM #

    Dear Fellow Students,

    Thanks very much for your terrific gift! We have just passed the 20,000 computers donated target. And while students comprised 50% of the board of directors, we students do all of the community service and volunteering. The generous $250 donation that you surprised us with 🙂 will provide 17 families with students computers!

    Teens rule at Net Literacy!


    Daniel Kent
    President (and a fellow student!)

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