Meet our Director of Client Care: Susan Del Rosario

Susan takes a break on a glacier during the Alaska Library Association Conference

When we founded over a decade ago, a guiding principle was to recruit and keep great people. From our community of 2,500 tutors to our staff, we have a dynamic, diverse group whose goal is to help students of all ages learn better.

One shining example of finding and keeping fabulous folks is Susan Del Rosario who was recently promoted to Director of Client Care. Susan joined eight years ago as science tutor. She loved tutoring and kept sending our staff ideas about how to make online tutoring even better for both students and tutors. Her enthusiasm and fresh perspective made her the perfect choice to join our Instructional Team that recruits, onboards and manages tutors.

As Susan learned more about she transitioned to our Client Care Team where she once again brought a unique perspective and new ideas to working with hundreds of public libraries across the country.

Over the past year, Susan travelled 36,644 miles visiting 31 cities from Orlando, FL to Juneau, AK. In every city she meets with library staff and directors. She shares what we’re up to such as launching mobile services and creating new classroom features.  But more importantly she listens. And she brings back everything she hears and learns from our clients to the rest of us to ensure we’re delivering the services our clients and our students want.

You have to love what you do to fly over 36,000 miles a year (and eat all that airplane food) and Susan could not be more passionate about her work. Check out her Facebook post after the recent California Library Association Conference:

Conferences remind me why I fell in love with my job. Great conversations with old friends and the opportunity to meet so many new friends! My clients are the greatest!”

For our amazing library clients, be on the lookout for some new, fun and exciting programs in 2012 thanks to Susan and her new role as Director of Client Care. Want to congratulate Susan personally? Email her at


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