Meet One of Our MyLivePD Coaches: Michelle D.

In September launched MyLivePD™ and in November we announced our partnership with the NEA Member Benefits to expand the project to be provided to NEA members.  As the first and only personalized, private professional development service, MyLivePD™ connects an algebra teacher to an experienced math coach online for a live, real-time coaching session focused on the teacher’s specific needs.

We caught up with one of our coaches, Michelle D.,  to get some of her insights around coaching and the challenges math teachers are facing.  Michelle has been coaching for the past few years and of course has been a classroom teacher. Connect to Michelle or any one of our experienced coaches at  Why were you interested in participating in MyLivePD?

Michelle: I really enjoy helping math teachers discover new approaches to presenting information and appreciate the need for support for new teachers. The idea that teachers can get personal professional help without worrying about how their questions may affect performance reviews was especially intriguing. What’s your coaching philosophy?

Michelle: I believe a coach should be supportive, knowledgeable, and approachable. The coach should be a great resource for information in all aspects of the Algebra I classroom – lesson plans, classroom management, helpful suggestions for classroom organization, and any other topic the teacher needs. As an online coach, I hope to help prepare students for future math courses with a solid foundation in algebra by assisting the teachers to create a solid, educational classroom experience What is your favorite aspect of coaching?

Michelle: I really enjoy hearing that the teacher feels more comfortable in front of the class because of discussions we had. I also appreciate the times when a teacher who is not strong in math feels comfortable enough to ask for help. I hope to see this online, especially.  What do you think is the most challenging issue for math teachers today?

Michelle: For new teachers who may not have math backgrounds, the most challenging issues may be some of the more detailed math lessons that require the use of technology. For many teachers, the greatest challenge can be classroom management. Sometimes, a variety of different methods must be employed before the teacher finds the one that works for his/her students.  What do you hope teachers get out of the MyLivePD program?

Michelle: I hope teachers will gain confidence in front of their classes, knowing they are prepared for the lessons and, as a result, be able to enjoy the students and teaching profession as a whole.

Learn more about MyLivePD and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant that funds the program at


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