Who Tutored our 7 Millionth Session?

At around 3:30pm ET September 15th, we reached our 7 millionth session mark! While we recapped the mobile session in an earlier post, we also wanted to catch up with Karen D., the tutor who holds the honor of having conducted that mammoth milestone session.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Karen D. and I live in College Station, TX. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics Education from Brigham Young University. I currently home school my kids and tutor with Tutor.com.

How did you find out about Tutor.com?

I found out about Tutor.com from a friend who told me she had been tutoring for a few months. I started in October 2008, so I have been tutoring now for almost 3 years. I tutor Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry and Calculus.

What is your favorite part of tutoring?

My favorite part of tutoring is when a student is really struggling and I manage to show them something that makes it all click into place and they get super excited. One of the more fun things that has happened from my tutoring with Tutor.com is that my kids have asked me to teach them some of the things I teach people on the computer. I love that they are learning an enthusiasm for math from my work!

Do you think a 1-to-1 connection is important to learning?

I think a 1-to-1 connection in learning makes a big difference in helping students. The ability to provide individualized assessment of strengths and weaknesses and tailor the learning approach accordingly is what makes tutoring so successful.

Why do you tutor with Tutor.com? What makes you stay?

I am a Tutor.com tutor because it is so flexible! I also love that I can do it at odd hours, like late at night or for a few minutes at lunch. I appreciate that it pays pretty well when you factor in lack of other expenses as well.

What’s one thing you think every student should do in order to become a better student?

If every student learned how to work neatly through longer math problems, they’d make fewer mistakes.

What’s your best homework or study tip?

My best homework/study tip is to draw a picture! If you can draw a picture of what is going on, you can often figure out how to answer the problem!


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  1. justin October 9, 2011 at 4:21 AM #

    Re best homework/study tip: That is so true. I always find visual examples and diagrams helpful in making the comprehension process easier and faster.

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