Meet One of Our MyLivePD Coaches: Frederick N.

A month ago launched MyLivePD™ – the first and only personalized, private professional development service.  An algebra teacher connects to an experienced math coach online for a live, real-time coaching session focused on the teacher’s specific needs. There are no appointments and teachers may use the service as often as they like. 

One of our coaches, Frederick N., shared his thoughts about this new type of professional development and how he hopes to support teachers as a “thought partner”.   Why were you interested in participating in MyLivePD?

Frederick:  I was excited by the on-demand aspect of MyLivePD – here is a coaching resource that teachers can utilize at their own leisure, from their own homes, targeted towards their own questions and focusing on their own professional development. I am a firm believer in the power of collaboration and I love that teachers can always have a thought partner to connect with whenever they have questions.  What’s your coaching philosophy?

Frederick: I see the primary goal of instructional coaching as encouraging deeper professional inquiry into curriculum and instruction. On a practical level, I believe coaches can help teachers in two main ways: analyzing the effectiveness of classroom structures (including curricular scope and sequence); and facilitating the examination of individual student work to improve teacher practice at both the student and classroom level. Having a thought partner to talk through these aspects of teaching, big and small, can only push the quality of teaching to a deeper level. What is your favorite aspect of coaching?

Frederick: I love being a partner in curriculum development. Put two heads together and curriculum and instruction can come alive for both the teacher and the student. What do you think is the most challenging issue for math teachers today?  

Frederick: I think it is becoming increasingly challenging to make math relevant for students and it is up to teachers to engage students in math and help them to see how crucial it is in our daily lives. What do you hope teachers get out of the MyLivePD program?

Frederick: I hope that the MyLivePD program can help math teachers feel supported as they do the hard work that is expected of them. I hope they know they are not alone!

 Learn more about MyLivePD and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant that funds the program at



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