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A Taste of History, with a Dash of Mystery

While discussing what summer adventures were had around the office, our Director of Mentoring & Quality Control, Jen Boller, mentioned her and her family saved their vacation for October when they would be venturing to the Northeast for a haunted tour of New England. Of course, with today being Halloween, we had to follow up […]

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Imagine there was a machine that could predict your death. With the prick of a needle it would tell you a vague, sometimes ironic, description of how you would die but with no specifics of when. Would you want to know? Just in time for Halloween, this machine was at the heart of our latest […]

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Tutor of the Month: Daniel B.

Each month our team of mentors nominates a “ Tutor of the Month”. We are pleased to introduce the August Tutor of the Month, Daniel B! From interests in physics and earth science to astronomy and astrophotography, Daniel is a science buff. And after joining the team in March of last year he has […]

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Picture It!

If you follow our blog, you know that we love to read and have a great staff book club that meets monthly.  Our book picks are very diverse and several months back we read a fantastic book from the manga genre – Japanese comics and print cartoons – Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White. So we […]

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Meet One of Our MyLivePD Coaches: Frederick N.

A month ago launched MyLivePD™ – the first and only personalized, private professional development service.  An algebra teacher connects to an experienced math coach online for a live, real-time coaching session focused on the teacher’s specific needs. There are no appointments and teachers may use the service as often as they like.  One of our coaches, […]

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iSad. Thoughts on Steve Jobs.

In our office we are all constantly checking our iPhones.  You’ll see an iPad open at just about every meeting and even our 7th million one-to-one tutoring session was done from an iPhone. Steve Jobs said in an interview:  “I’ve helped with more computers in more schools than anybody else in the world and I […]

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