Tutor.com reaches 7 million sessions with the help of Tutor.com To Go!

Yesterday (9/15)  around 3:30 p.m. everyone in our NYC offices and some of our remote staff (thanks to Skype!)  gathered around a large monitor to watch as the number 7,000,000 rolled onto the www.tutor.com homepage.   There were doughnuts.  There were cheers.  And then some of the more competitive folks in the office started offering up their best guess for the 8,000,000 session which should be less than a year away.

Today we found out that the student who rolled in at 7 million used Tutor.com To Go™, our mobile app to connect to a tutor.  It was a fantastic session.   The student wanted help on Algebra II homework.  Using her iPhone she snapped a picture of the assignment and sent it to the tutor.  They successfully worked on that question and then the student snapped a picture from the textbook to share another problem.  Once again she and the tutor were able to address her issue while she was on her phone.

Blended learning and BYOT is a hot topic in K-12 education.  These trends focus on using a mix of traditional classroom instruction mixed with technology tools including software and mobile devices.  We love how students do this so seamlessly.  The student received classroom instruction, went home and did homework with a paper and pencil using a problem from a textbook. Then she used mobile technology to connect to a tutor for an online learning session that combined all of these elements to deliver exceptional results.

Welcome to 21st century learning.   We’re glad to be part of it. And we’re glad to have amazing partners  — public libraries, schools, colleges, the U.S. Military and of course our tutors.  We hope you are enjoying the journey as much as we do.

We’re excited to see how session 8 million will be delivered.   Phone? Tablet? Hologram?  What’s your best guess?


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