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Students talked, we listened.

Just in time for the 2011 back to school season the Online Classroom has been redesigned to deliver the best online learning experience available. Simpler, larger and easier to use, we collected extensive student feedback and took action to give students of all ages the online classroom they wanted. Don’t fret about any major changes though; these new updates just make the experience even easier.

So, what has changed? Find out below & check out our video walking you through the updated classroom!

Bigger is better. By adjusting the layout of the online classroom, we have been able to create even more workspace for students and tutors to work together – the new classroom is over 30% larger than our previous board. Along with the new layout, we are also proud to introduce our new GrowyTM Interactive Whiteboard. Since problems in the classroom are solved vertically, the GrowyTM whiteboard automatically expands as you near the end of the page, allowing students to remain within the same whiteboard for one problem. Need graph paper to chart the math equation you are working on? No worries, students are still able to add a board to the session and move back and forth between the two.

Back to the basics. Our online classroom has a ton of tools. We have pyramids, cubes, calculus equations, fonts, you name it. And while experienced users take full advantage, we’ve found those just starting out stick to the basics – so we have made it easier for them to do just that. The new tools section contains our most used features that help students work through any problem with the tutor.  For those who do want to use the more advanced features, they are just a click away. We haven’t gotten rid of anything, just reorganized to simplify and create more workspace. Oh, we almost forgot to mention the eraser! One of the most requested features by students is now available in the classroom, an eraser, which will work intelligently across the “layers” of the whiteboard.

Mobile friendly. Now no matter what iOS device students connect from–whether it is a desktop, laptop or tablet–they will connect to the same new online classroom. If they log on from their iPhone or iPod Touch they will be connected to the same chat functionality. Standardizing the online classroom across multiple platforms means students will know where things are and work more efficiently.

Personalized. Adult students in the College and Adult Centers will now find more age-appropriate avatars when they have a session.

We are so excited to share these changes and have them available for the 2011 school year. Take a look, try out the new classroom and continue encouraging students to give us feedback—and we’ll keep listening!

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