Success Story: Melissa S. Masters Math

success story: melissa s.

Melissa S. (right)

Every day, thousands of students connect to one of our tutors to overcome a challenge. It may be that night’s homework, ongoing math struggles or simply to review completed work. We’ve been hearing from the students through their post-session comments for years. “Your tutors rock!” “Awesome help!!!!” “Thank you for saving my life, again” are the types of comments that put a smile on our face and make us want to work even harder to deliver high quality online tutoring and homework help.

This school year, we’ll be featuring and celebrating a few Success Stories each month right here on our blog. Our first story comes from Melissa S., a junior at Oakland University in MI and regular user since 2003 who dropped us a note this summer to tell us how instrumental has been for her studies. Melissa has used since sixth grade through her local library, Clinton Macomb Public Library.

We’d love to hear your success story! Email and tell us how is making a difference for you. Please include your contact information.  How did you first find out about

Melissa:   I saw a flyer in the Clinton Macomb Public Library when I was in sixth grade.  I was really struggling with math and had no one to help me.  I tried out the program and soon was using it just about every day to help me with homework and to improve my skills.  Why did you start using

Melissa:  I never had a tutor before. Sometimes my Aunt would help me, but math was really a struggle for me. I had failed a math class before I knew about I took the class again and with help from I received the highest grade that year.  Why do you think the program helped you so much?

Melissa:  Since math was so difficult for me, I never knew if I was on the right track. I’d sit down to do homework and be completely confused. I’d have no idea if I was even headed in the right direction. I’d give up on myself and feel really discouraged. Tutors were expensive. Knowing I could connect to a tutor using for free (Note: Clinton Macomb Public Library funded the program) whenever I needed to gave me the motivation to keep going and get the work done. The tutors always gave me encouragement and they gave me motivation to stick it out. It really helped my confidence.  What did you like about the experience with the tutors?

Melissa:  I liked that they didn’t just give the answers. I used to want the answers, but I appreciate now that they worked with me to figure out how to do the problem. Honestly, I still hate math, but I can tolerate it with  Can you tell us some of the results you experienced from using the program?

Melissa: I’m certain I would have failed some of my math classes without Using helped me get through middle school and high school math.  I dramatically improved my grades. I can’t picture my academic career without it. I was always put in lower level math classes but in college I took calculus and earned a B-. I don’t think I would have even tried to take college level calculus without  Are you still using in college?

Melissa:  I was using it for my math and science classes. Now I’m done with those requirements, but I still use it to have papers proofed.  What advice do you have for other students who are struggling with math?

Melissa:  I’d tell them that you need to take the time to do the problems. And use Just bring  all your questions to the tutor!

Thanks to Melissa for sharing her story with us. Want to share your story?  Email Jennifer Kohn at !

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  1. morgan October 9, 2011 at 4:59 AM #

    I just found out about this service and I think It’s really great that there are people like you who are able to help students who are struggling with schoolwork. Based on the feedback, you guys are really great at it too. Keep it up 😉


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