What’s New on the BTS Shopping List?

Not too long ago, the full extent of back to school must-haves were all available at your local office supplies shop. You could head to the store and pick up a bundle of pens or pencils and a few stacks of loose leaf paper and your student was good to go for the year.  However, as schools begin to utilize technology in the classroom and create blended and online learning programs, school shopping lists are beginning to change.

Below, we took a quick look at some items that may be new to your back-to-school shopping list this year and how they can help contribute to your child’s school day.

  •  USB drives (aka flash drives, junk drives, jump drives, thumb drives…) Computers are becoming a classroom staple. Whether they are for individual use or shared between students, the amount of work done on the computer is quickly growing. This shift has students moving away from saving work on loose leaf and towards saving work on hard drives, which is why USB drives are key. Quite affordable and offered in a variety of storage sizes, USB drives allow students to easily transport a document from one computer to another.
  • Earphones Remember a few lines above when we said how computers are becoming a classroom staple? Well, that same reasoning belongs in this section as well. Computer programs that aid in blended/digital/online learning approaches are often interactive and require sound. These programs allow students to move at their own pace and earphones help to keep lessons engaging and keep kids focused on their work as opposed to their neighbors.
  • Printer paper & ink cartridges Long gone are the days of handing in hand-written cursive essays – most schools now require papers to be typed up in a specific font and size. In order to keep up with essay assignments, some schools recommend families stock up on printer paper and ink at home for students to utilize throughout the school year. 

What new items are showing up on your BTS shopping list this year?

And for some exciting and innovative back to school items, check out Mario Armstrong on the Today Show here! They have great tips for your tech-savvy kid!

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