Tutor of the Month: Andranik!

Each month our team of mentors nominates a “Tutor.com Tutor of the Month”. We are pleased to introduce June’s Tutor of the Month, Andranik A!

In addition to tutoring with Tutor.com, Andranik is also one of our very own success stories. First hearing about our service when he was in high school, Andranik sought help from us for clarification in some of his science classes. After high school, he went on to graduate from the University of California Irvine in June 2010, with degrees in Neurobiology and Psychology (Cognitive Science). Andranik is currently working as a full-time staff research associate for the Alzheimer’s disease laboratory and applying to medical school. His knowledge of chemistry, biology, and algebra are helping to educate a new generation at Tutor.com

How did you find out about Tutor.com?

I actually saw a flyer for Tutor.com (offered by my local library) posted in a hallway bulletin board of my high school and decided to give it a shot. Back then I wanted clarification on some chemistry concepts and the tutors did a great job explaining them to me. So much so that I excelled in college general and organic chemistry and decided to become a tutor myself.

What is your favorite part of tutoring?

I just like the feeling of knowing that somewhere out there, an anonymous person just figured something out and it hopefully stuck with them. Being helped myself before I joined, I appreciated how the knowledgeable tutors were able to clarify concepts for me so I’m glad to be giving back in my own way.

What’s one thing you think every student should do in order to become a better student?

It’s tough to say one thing that will make someone a better student but if I had to, I would remind students to constantly keep their mind on the long term goals they have. Think about how much your future self will thank you for doing all the right things to make the rest of your life easier on yourself with what you do in the present.

Do you have any funny or touching Tutor.com stories?

I had one student who recognized me by my first name and actually thanked me personally for helping her out with all the questions she had been asking. She also mentioned that after she got introduced to the site, her grades have been getting better. That was enough to make my day, if not week.

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