Tutor.com To Go Hits 1,000 Sessions

In just about a month, students have completed 1,000 one-to-one tutoring sessions using Tutor.com To Go™, our mobile app for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.  Students love this new way to get help and have given their sessions an average rating of 4.2 (on a scale of 1 – 5).  Here’s what a few students had to say about their experience with Tutor.com To Go:

“I cannot believe how much my math is improving just because of this app! Thank you tutor.com!   – Middle Grades Math Student

“I love how you can draw on the whiteboard –  Middle Grades Math Student

“this makes all my classes so much easier!  🙂 THANK YOU! 🙂  –  Biology Student

We’re not surprised to learn that 46% of the sessions are from students using their iPod Touch.  A big reason Tutor.com chose to develop first for iOS devices (aka Apple) is because they are what most people own.  According to an April 2011 Piper Jaffray report of high-school teens, 86% of digital music players purchased are iPods and over 80% of tablets purchased are iPads.  The majority of teens with a  mobile device can use our app today.

Of course we want all students to have the advantage of Tutor.com To Go and that’s why we plan on launching a version of our app for Android and other mobile operating systems later this year. 

To learn more about our development process and why we chose to create platform-native apps read Russell Greenspan, Vice President of Technology blog post  “Why We Went Native.”  Good stuff!

Have you tried Tutor.com To Go?  Let us know what you think by posting a review on iTunes!

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