Tutor.com Annual Tutor Survey Results: 95% Job Satisfaction

Each year, we survey our tutors to find out how we’re doing.  Do tutors have the right resources?  Are the online classroom tools helping make sessions effective and efficient?   What else can Tutor.com do to support the folks who will deliver 1.1 million online tutoring and homework help sessions this year alone?

Well the results are in!  Approximately 77% of our 2,000+ tutors participated and more than 95% report they are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience at Tutor.com.   Tutors answered questions regarding the support, resources and software provided by Tutor.com. They are overwhelmingly satisfied in the areas described below:

  • 93.1% with provided resources
  • 94.0% with the feedback provided by their Tutor Mentor
  • 94.9% with the level of communication from Tutor.com
  • 90.6% with the online classroom software
  • 93.5% with their interactions with Tutor Support
  • 93.2% with the students’ overall educational experience

 Online tutoring is an ideal position for men and women who require flexibility and a remote work environment.    Tutors can work from anywhere and choose their own hours. Approximately 10% of the tutors are affiliated with the military in some way, most often as a spouse or retiree.  Military families move often and Tutor.com allows a spouse stationed in San Antonio, Texas to keep tutoring when she is  re-located to Ramstein, Germany.   Flexibility is also key for teachers and professionals on leave to care for young children, or current teachers who tutor in the evening hours.

If you’d like to become an online tutor in physics, chemistry, calculus or statistics, please visit www.tutor.com/apply.


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